OmniFocus 2 (legacy support edition) App Reviews

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Great productivity app but...

... We need iOS7 gestures to work faster and plan on the go !

On the right way but...

1. No sync in background so my iPad, my iPhone and Mac are always unsynced. The sync process is too long so when launching the app, you see undone tasks which have been marked as done on an other device. 2. The iOS8 widget is a nice pretty surprise but you dont really what it shows you. I have 9 tasks to complete (2 flagged and 7 dues) and the widget tell "no item". A "add item" button could be really nice in the widget to add tasks without having to launch the app. 3. Recurrent tasks are still too poor. Unable to set a task on the last Thursday of each month ! Still waiting for Things 3... (even if I have paid for OF2 on Mac, iPhone and Ipad+InAppPurchase)

Best of all the todo apps

Best of all the todo apps

The true Gtd app

Very expensive but also very good!

Great but Missing feature

The best of all GTD tool To me key missing features : 1- multiple item change at once .( such like apple mail) 2- sharing with people ( print to PDF for example ) 3- ability to see note content along action items in project or context view

Very Good App..

..But the last update really brings too small prints, especially in forecast bar and also just a little bit in the main menu, it was better before it. Thanks for your work.

Great software

Its flexible, well designed and the guys behind it fixes the bugs as the speed of light. Love OmniFocus.

Great productivity app

OmniFocus is great at helping start or stay productive. There are enough features to let use it the way you want and if you want to use them all, it really makes of OmniFocus an amazing project management tool. The big thing differentiating OmniFocus is the existence of contexts, which is so smart!


This app is amazing! The only thing that I wish for is an update to Brazilian Portuguese .

Pay for something that you already have

It makes no sense to pay for something that u already have bought, but...

Support of iPhone 6 plus.


Using Omnifocus since years

on iPad and Mac, I now bought my first iPhone - a 6+ - and Omnifocus for it. Works as expected: great.

Is there a bug in new version?

I cant define new perspectives but i think in earlier versions it was possible. And i see only one perspective below the 4 perspectives in quader button.

Still the best professional task manager

There are some obvious shortcomings (tags, anyone ?) and others like Todoist might be catching up, but OF still beats the competition if you consider not only the lists of actions themselves but system and workflow integration as well. Could make better use of typical mobile interactions (how about e. g. swipe to defer?)


your version 2 omnifocus apps are missing features compared to version 1, are buggy and slow, especially the ipad app and sync is not always working correctly. i really loved version 1, was using it every damn day in the past years and i had no problem paying for version 2 again but to be honest, version 2 is really not worth the money at the moment!:-( the support told me, that my requests have been added to a "feature vote list" but there should be no need to request features from version 1 and a bug free app:-( guys, when you think you love version 2, try version 1...ok no modern look, no widget but overall a much better experience

In general best todo-suite overall, but...

background sync in this version is absolutely not working between my MacBook, iPad Air 2 and iPhone 6 (each have the newest iOS/OS X installed). I have to keep OF opened on each device to not end up with notifications running wild whenever I completed/deferred an item :( Itd be also nice to have some options for the widget (like also showing flagged or deferred items) and some modern UI extras ("Swipe to defer for 1 day" i.e.). Keeping my fingers crossed for some quick updates.

GTD in Perfektion

Weiter so!


Habe alle Tools probiert, aber dieses ist für immer!


and the 5th star, when notifications are available for defered tasks - exact the way as they are in the Mac OS Version!

Taking down the old version is a mean move

The update is worth it for background sync, especially for users without a data plan. Thanks for that. Otherwise, its an update like iOS 7 itself: Mediocre icon, "clean" but confusing UI, slower for no good reason. Update: Thus version is still more more buggy than the old v1 app. OmniFocus for Mac is also stagnating. Ill go look for better apps.

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